Some marriages just don’t last forever. Whether the reason for the separation is because the couple just isn’t compatible anymore or the reason is much more complex, ending the marriage legally might be the ideal solution. The longer a couple is living separately before court action is taken, the more complicated it may be to determine which of the couple’s assets are marital property and family court lawyers subject to division. A bountiful attorney who focuses on family law might share with you the reasons getting divorced is preferable to remaining separated.

Without court involvement, you might not be able to get the child support you need to adequately care for your minor children. Divorce courts strive to ensure that children are properly taken care of after parents decide they no longer want to be together. You will not have any control over when or where your spouse takes your children if you don’t have legal custody. A bountiful child custody lawyer may help you get the appropriate documents filed to give you that control and keep your children safe if you are concerned their other parent might not be looking out for their best interests.


You might also be entitled to alimony payments from your spouse but you’ll have to file for divorce in order to get them. People who struggle to make it on their own and don’t ask for a divorce often discover later that the court determines they are self-sufficient and not eligible for alimony. If your estranged spouse was the primary breadwinner in your family, contact a bountiful family law attorney to find out if you might be able to get alimony. Alimony is separate from child support and you may be able to get these payments even if your children’s other parent has custody.

A divorce doesn’t have to be contentious. You and your spouse can agree to everything and then submit your proposal to the judge for approval. If there are some issues that you can’t resolve, such as where your children will live and go to school, a bountiful child custody attorney might support you in your fight for your children. In difficult divorce cases, it can be very useful to work with an agressive attorney who is known for fighting hard to get their clients everything they want. After all, you know what’s best for your kids and any attorney you work with should try to get a resolution that benefits the children.

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